About Us

About Us

We started with a handful of tools and a dream. Initially, we only offered a chimney sweep service, getting soot covered by day, and attending classes at night. We learned everything we could, and acquired all the necessary certifications and licenses. Working out of mom and dad’s garage, getting business through word of mouth (a big thank you to the ladies in mom’s book club!), we slowly expanded. We added the “repair” part to our fireplace repertoire, and it was only up from there.

But don’t let our name fool you. Our team here at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas does far more than repair fireplaces. We are a full service company for all types of fireplaces, stoves, and grills. From design and install, to maintenance and cleaning, our technicians and consultants do it all. We service both propane and natural gas appliances, wood burning stoves and fireplaces, even electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts. We can install new fireplaces and convert existing ones. But we don’t stop there. We offer preventative maintenance and cleaning as well as repairs, and will even service your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure safe operation of your appliance.

Have a finicky BBQ grill that doesn’t like to start? We can fix that. Or a commercial grill that is heating unevenly? We can fix that too. Is your pot-bellied stove just not heating the room like it used to? Give us a call and we will come check it over, make any necessary repairs, and have you toasty warm again in no time. Tired of cleaning soot and ash from your wood burning fireplace? Let us install gas logs or a propane insert for you! And what about that outdoor gathering space you love but can’t use during the cooler months? Fireplaces aren’t just for the indoors!

No mater what your needs, we are your one stop shop when it comes to fireplaces, grills, and stoves. Give us a call today!

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