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No one likes to hear that their home is in need of repairs, but things do happen, Even with the most scrupulous maintenance schedule, materials eventually deteriorate and wear over time. When you find yourself in need of chimney repair in Las Vegas, it is crucial to have it done in a timely fashion and by a certified professional. And that’s where Fireplace Repair Las Vegas comes in!

Chimney Cap Repair Las Vegas 

A chimney cap is your first defense against issues that can be caused from things that are supposed to stay outside getting inside your chimney, and vise versa. A chimney cap will prevent rain and snow from entering your chimney, thereby preventing common issues associated with interior moisture such as mold and mildew growth, along with rusting of stainless steel fuel liners and dampers, even mortar deterioration. Additionally, they prevent animals from building nests in your chimney, and even–gasp–getting into your home! We have all the tools necessary to repair or replace your damaged chimney cap.

Chimney Flue Repair Las Vegas 

Whether terra cotta or stainless steel, a damaged chimney flue can be very dangerous, and lead to extremely costly repairs. If used for too long, a damaged flue can even lead to structure fire. The flue is the interior liner of your chimney that directs the heat and combustion material safely out of your home. Cracks in a tera cotta liner or gaps on or rusted out spots of a stainless steel liner allow that combustion material into the chimney itself. That combustion material can be in the form of dangerous carbon monoxide, which can eventually leak into your home, or creosote, which can eventually catch fire. Any of those situations is dangerous, and it is necessary to contact a licensed professional to repair your chimney flue sooner rather than later to avoid catastrophe. We have the experience and knowledge to fix it right. We care about your safety, so call us for a chimney repair today!

Chimney Flashing Repair Las Vegas 

Chimney flashing is what keeps water from leaking into your home and chimney at the points of contact with your roof and chimney cap. This flashing can be made of vinyl, stainless steel, copper, or aluminum, depending on the type of construction of your home and climate in which you live. The flashing, along with some caulk for sealant, keeps rain and melting snow from leaking into your home at those joints. That is, until that flashing becomes damaged. What are some signs that your chimney flashing may need to be repaired or replaced? Water stains on your ceiling or rust stains in your firebox are very obvious signs, discolored bricks or mortar, and sounds of dripping in your attic are less obvious signs. Visible gaps in caulking are easily visible when you’re looking for them, but may be difficult to notice from ground level. If however, you notice any of these things, it’s time to call Fireplace Repair Las Vegas for an inspection and quote on repairs.

Chimney Masonry Repair Las Vegas 

A masonry fireplace is the quintessential example of a classic, wood burning fireplace. For many, the sight of a masonry fireplace evokes feelings of cozy comfort and warm memories. And while sturdy and long lasting, like any other building material, masonry and mortar will eventually show wear and tear. This happens faster is there has been any damage to other components of your fireplace and chimney system, or if the system has not been properly cared for. Like many other situations encountered by homeowners, it is always best to perform necessary repairs as soon as their need is noticed, before the problem progresses, The longer one waits, the more expensive it will be to repair. We can help you nip the problem in the bud, and keep your repair costs to a minimum. Don’t delay, call today!

Chimney Crown Repair Las Vegas  

The chimney crown is just that, a crown. Typically made of cement, it is the top edge of the chimney itself, and the chimney cap sits on top of the crown, covering the flue. Weather can damage this, as can things such as limbs falling onto the roof. A rusting chimney cap can also lead to damage of your chimney crown, and once the crown gets damaged, well, you know that old saying about things rolling downhill…. If you notice any cracks or damage on your chimney crown, call us! The techs at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas will repair your crown before it can cause damage to other parts of your chimney.

Brick Chimney Repair Las Vegas 

Think of your chimney’s bricks as it’s bones. In this case, however, they act as both an exoskeleton and and endoskeleton. When damaged, they can pose a serious safety risk. At the very least, damaged bricks will reduce the efficiency of your chimney, letting out heat and letting in moisture, which can cause extensive damage to your home. Let the experts take a look at any damage you may have, and together we will lay out a repair schedule based on a thorough and accurate inspection and quote.

Chimney Leak Repair Las Vegas 

A chimney leak can come in many forms–leaking air or moisture into your home, leaking combustion material and gases into your home, and leaking the outside air into your home. None of these situations is a good situation to be in, and we can help you out of whichever one you may find yourself. Our licensed and professional technicians will come inspect your chimney from top to bottom, and can repair any type of leak they may find,

Chimney Mortar Repair Las Vegas 

If your bricks are like the bones of your chimney, the mortar serves at the tendons and ligaments, holding everything together. When the mortar gets damaged, it can lead to very extensive and costly repairs. Mortar damage can be caused by many things, from earthquakes and hail storms to normal settling of the home and ground around it. Excess moisture from damages elsewhere is also a notable culprit. The first step in combating these issues, of course, is routine cleaning and maintenance of your fireplace and chimney. But if things have gotten out of hand, or if you’re purchased a home with existing repair needs, give us a call.

Chimney Repair Cost Las Vegas 

Repairs on components such as flashing, chimney cap, and leak sealing can run anywhere from $200 to $700, based on extent of damage and the materials required for repair. Repairs to masonry and structural components are much higher, averaging from $1500 to $3000. That may seem overwhelming at first, which is why routine cleaning and maintenance is essential. We have you covered no matter your situation, though. We will take care of you every step of the way, be it preventive maintenance, repair, or rebuild.

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