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We all love our fireplaces, but who likes to clean them? We do! Fireplace Repair Las Vegas offers a full line of cleaning services. Our qualified sweeps will do it all, from wood burning fireplaces, to gas and electric. And while we’re there, we will perform an annual inspection to make sure your fireplace and chimney system are free of problems and are safe for you and your family. From the tip of the hearth to the top of the roof, we’ll do the dirty work for you!

Gas Fireplace Cleaning Service Las Vegas

Even a gas fireplace requires annual cleaning and maintenance. For the gas to burn properly, the correct mixture of gas and air must be maintained, and this means regular cleaning of the jets in your gas fireplace. Whether you have gas logs or a gas fireplace insert, call us to set up an appointment today and keep your fireplace performing like the day you installed it.

Fireplace Cleaning Logs – Do they work?

Fireplace cleaning logs are popular among homeowners as a money saving way to rid their chimneys of creosote buildup. And while they are helpful in between annual cleanings, they cannot replace the work done by a professional chimney sweep. If you have been relying on these logs as your chosen method of chimney cleaning, please give us a call today to schedule an appointment, Dirty chimneys cause chimney fires. Fireplace Repair Las Vegas can come out and clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney so your know you’re doing what you need to do to keep your family and home safe while gathering around the hearth.

Brick and Masonry Fireplace Cleaning Las Vegas

Bricks are naturally porous, and therefore can be especially labor intensive to clean. Most of us will not be willing to use a pressure washer inside our home to clean the fireplace! Let uss do all the hard work for you. When we’re done, your fireplace will look so clean and new to you that you might even wonder if the mortar is dry!

Fireplace Chimney Cleaning Las Vegas

Annual chimney cleaning is necessary not only for safety reasons, but also for preventative maintenance and to identify any potential repair needs before they progress to large problems. We have experienced and professional chimney sweeps to cover any need, and we’re just a phone call away!

Glass Fireplace Door Cleaning Las Vegas

While you may think any household cleaner will tackle the buildup on your fireplace door, it’s not always that simple. Some cleaners can leave a hazardous film on the glass that may become toxic when your fireplace is next used. The amount and type of buildup itself may be indicative of fireplace issues – especially in the case of gas fireplaces and inserts. Call Fireplace Repair Las Vegas today and we will not only clean your glass fireplace doors, but also check your seals and gaskets, and your appliance as a whole, to ensure proper operation and safety.

Stone Fireplace Cleaning Las Vegas

Distilled white vinegar is widely used top safely clean stone fireplaces, as it will remove soot and grime without damaging the stones. So if you’re up for the job, grab a tarp or plastic sheeting, a bucket, rag, and nylon scrub brush. Working from top to bottom, and beginning using the rag or cloth, and scrub every surface, nook, and cranny. Where the stones are a little dirtier, go back over with the scrub brush. Inspect again, and repeat the process as necessary until the entire fireplace is clean. Tired yet? How about give us a call instead? We’ll come clean your stone fireplace and you can and save your elbow grease for another day!

Fireplace Flue Cleaning Las Vegas

Very often, one will hear the words flue and chimney used interchangeably, but in reality, the chimney is the external structure and the flue is the liner inside the chimney, usually made of terra cotta or stainless steel. Keeping the flue clean of creosote and other exhaust buildup is the first line of defense in preventing chimney fires, Annual flue cleaning is of utmost importance for the safe operation of your fireplace, Call today to schedule an appointment!

Fireplace Cleaning Cost Las Vegas

Fireplace cleaning cost typically ranges anywhere from $100 to $500. Why such a broad spectrum? This is due to the variety of fireplaces and conditions in which they might be found, Any time a chimney sweep comes out, they will also do a basic inspection of your fireplace and chimney. Annually cleaned and maintained gas fireplaces will fall on the low end of the spectrum, while poorly maintained wood burning fireplaces will obviously require more labor to clean. Regularly scheduled, annual cleaning and maintenance is the best way to keep this cost down. Call for an appointment today!

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