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A fireplace insert is an easy and budget friendly way to update your existing masonry fireplace without the hassle of entire remodel of your home. Fireplace inserts come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fuel options. Wood burning, gas, propane, and electric fireplace inserts all offer a way to change the look of your hearth, while still providing that warm glow your’e used to, and with less of the mess associated with a traditional wood burning fireplace. Inserts are placed inside of your masonry fireplace. They are enclosed with a glass door, so even a wood burning insert will requite less cleaning that an open wood burning fireplace. With the use of a venting system, they offer a more efficient way to utilize a fireplace as a heat source, and many not only start with the touch of of a button, but also offer temperature controls.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

A vented gas fireplace insert can come either as direct-vented or natural vented, In a direct-vent system, there are two flues necessary in the chimney, one to pull the air necessary for combustion into the appliance, and another for exhaust of the combustion air. With a natural vent system, the air needed for combustion is pulled from the room itself, and only the combusted exhaust air is pushed out through the chimney. The experts at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas can help you determine which option is best for you based on the size of space you desire to heat, and the BTU’s necessary to do so, Both options, however, provide a mess free, higher efficiency way to update your existing masonry fireplace or create a custom gas fireplace feature in your home,

Ventless Gas Fireplace Inserts

Ventless gas fireplace inserts offer a great alternative when there is not an easily accessible avenue to route a flue for exhaust fumes. By using a very controlled mixture of gas and air, they burn very efficiently and cleanly, producing little of the fumes associated with combustion. All are equipped with an oxygen detection system (ODS), which will shut off the appliance in the event that oxygen levels in the room fall below a certain threshold, and many are also equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. These units may raise the humidity in your home, however, and certain areas have specific regulations regarding their installation. We can help you determine if this is the right fit for your home, and guide you through the selection process.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Are you drawn by the appeal of less mess but just don’t want to give up the comfort of a real fire that you’re used to? Then consider a wood burning fireplace insert. Behind the glass doors, the soot and ash are contained, and because they burn more efficiently than an open fireplace, you will use less wood. It’s the best of both worlds!

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts with Blower

These wood burning inserts take it a step further with the addition of a blower, which circulates the air in the room around the insert and blows the warmer air back out into the room. the exhaust fumes are still expelled through the chimney, keeping your living space free of dangerous carbon monoxide. Call today for free quote to retrofit your existing fireplace or create a custom new, and efficient hearth in your home.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

If your are looking to rid yourself of the hassle of your traditional woodturning fireplace and also do not want to add to your gas bill, or perhaps don’t have a gas line available, an electric fireplace insert might be for you. They require no venting and no fuel – just an electrical connection. They offer a simulated fire to provide the ambiance you’ve grown to love, while still sending a comforting warmth out into the room. Many also have heat free settings so you can enjoy them even in the warmer months. Fireplace Repair Las Vegas is your local expert and can help you decide which option is best for you!

Modern Fireplace Inserts

Modern fireplace inserts have come a long way since the original inserts of the late 1800’s. They are available in any size, to fit any fireplace, along with coming in a wide range of styles to fit your home’s decor and your budget. Their benefits include consistent heating, safety features, temperature control, and less mess than your existing wood burning fireplace.

Best Fireplace Inserts

There are many factors to consider when choosing a fireplace insert. What type of fuel do you wish to use? What are the heating requirements of your space? How easy (or difficult) will it be to retrofit your chimney with the new ventillaion system? The answers to these questions will help you determine which type of fireplace insert is best suited to your needs. Our consultants will guide you through the entire process, from choosing the insert that’s right for you, to installation, and annual maintenance. Call for a quote today!

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