Fireplace Inspection Las Vegas

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Fireplace Repair Las Vegas does it all, from installations, cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. We offer Level 1 and Level 2 inspections. Level 1 inspections are done any time a chimney sweep is called out for a cleaning, and include a basic visual inspection of all accessible components. Level 2 inspections take it a bit further by using cameras or similar equipment to look inside the flue your chimney for defects like cracks or gaps in seams. A Level 1 inspection is all that is needed for annual maintenance purposes, while a Level 2 inspection is required any time changes are made, the ownership of the property is sold or transferred, or there are situations that have occurred such as seismic events or a chimney fire that may have caused damage.

Gas Fireplace Inspection Las Vegas

Just like a traditional fireplace should be inspected and cleaned annually, so should a gas fireplace. The venting system needs to be assessed to make sure it is in proper working order, your carbon monoxide detector should be checked, and any gas lines and fittings should be checked for wear. We will also check gaskets and jets, to make sure that the appliance a a whole is functioning safely and properly.

Fireplace Chimney Inspection Las Vegas

Cracks in the lining of your chimney (also known as the flue) can be very dangerous, allowing creosote and carbon monoxide to leak into the chimney itself. The creosote can build up unnoticed as it seeps in those crack and gaps, posing a serious fire hazard, and the carbon monoxide can find it’s way into your home. Neither of these situations is anything less than dangerous for your home and your loved ones, which is why it is important to schedule regular cleaning and inspections by professionals–such as the ones here at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Fireplace Cleaning and Inspection Las Vegas

As homeowners know, preventative maintenance, along with annual cleanings and inspections are the best approach to keeping the appliances in your home working their best. This also helps keep repair costs down by catching problems early before they progress into even bigger problems. Fireplaces are no different. Call us today for a free quote and to set up your maintenance schedule.

Fireplace Inspection Cost Las Vegas

The price tag on a fireplace inspection can vary greatly, based on many factors. These factors include the size and type of your fireplace and chimney, whether you have multiple flues, the condition of your fireplace and chimney, the level of inspection needed, and how long it has been since your fireplace and chimney have been cleaned. A basic inspection on a gas fireplace that is regularly maintained can run as low as $80, while a large wood burning fireplace that has been neglected and is in need of repair may cost the homeowner thousands of dollars. The average price usually falls somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 to $250, but again, this is just an average. Please call today for a free, no hassle quote! Our technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced, and you’ll feel confident in your choice!

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