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Nothing makes a home more welcoming on a blustery winter day than spending time with your loved ones around a glowing fireplace. The warmth and crackle of the fire lend a coziness to your home that that is paralleled by nothing else. But what if your home doesn’t have a hearth? We can help with that! Fireplace Repair Las Vegas can turn your chilly living space into warm and inviting place you’ve always wanted. Whether that means masonry, pre-fabricated, or gas log conversion, we can do it all. Overwhelmed with all of the options out there? Our consultants can walk you through the design and selection process to help you choose the best option for your taste and budget.

Gas Fireplace Installation Las Vegas

Gas fireplaces offer all the benefits of a traditional wood burning fireplace, but with less mess. They are, however, much more involved when it comes to installation. Besides and framing that may be necessary, there is also gas lines to be run, and electricity to be connected. Leave it to the experts here at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas to take care of all the details of you. We can run the gas and electrical lines, frame the enclosure, and build a chimney for any type of venting you choose. And, of course, walk you through the available options make sure you’re more than happy with the finished product.

Electric Fireplace Installation Las Vegas

You may be thinking that as much as your would like to have a fireplace in your home, there really isn’t a suitable location to install a chimney. If that is the case, then an electric fireplace might be for you! Electric fireplaces create the look of a fire, often with the help of lights and mirrors. Electric fireplaces do not use combustion to create heat, and therefore do not require venting or a chimney. This makes them perfect for small spaces, because depending on your chosen design, they can require few, if any, structural alterations to the place in which they are installed. Some need to be directly wired into the house, and others just need to be plugged in. They’re especially well suited for townhomes and condos where you may share a wall with another homeowner.

Fireplace Insert Installation Las Vegas

Maybe you already have a fireplace you love, but just don’t use it much any more because of all the hassle of chopping or acquiring firewood and cleaning up ashes. After all, there really isn’t a way to clean up ash without getting covered in it. We have the solution! Let your friends at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas turn your existing wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace with a fireplace insert, and once again you’ll be cozied up next to the fireplace you already love.

Electric Fireplace Insert Installation Las Vegas

With electric fireplace inserts, you can eliminate the need for chimney cleaning and eliminate the need for wood or gas. If you have no gas appliances in your home but would really like to have a cleaner fireplace you can still enjoy, then an electric fireplace insert is the right choice for you. We can convert your wood burning fireplace (or gas fireplace!) with an electric fireplace insert, giving you all the comfort of the hearth without the mess.

Wood Burning Fireplace Installation Las Vegas

When one imagines sitting ’round the hearth, a wood burning fireplace is usually what comes to mind. There is something inherently peaceful and soothing about the way it touches all of your senses–the glow, the warmth, the crackle of the logs, the scent of the wood, the tasty warm drink in your hand while you enjoy the experience. If your home wasn’t built with a fireplace, we’re here to help. Here at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas, we take pride giving folks like you that fireplace you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll help you with options like material, architectural style, and mantle style. Besides, where else are you going to hang Christmas stockings?

Fireplace Door Installation Las Vegas

Fireplace doors are a quick and easy way to update the look of your living space. Additionally, they offer many benefits. When the hearth is not in use, cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer enter the room from the chimney, which increases costs for heating or cooling your home. Fireplace doors completely stop that exchange, saving on those heating and cooling costs. They also prevent soot, ash, and embers from blowing out onto your carpet (or pets, or furniture). And lets not forget that wildlife can occasionally make their way down a chimney. Call us today, and we can install a fireplace door that will add to the beauty of your home–and keep out the raccoons!

Gas Log Fireplace Installation Las Vegas

If you’re considering converting your existing wood burning fireplace to gas, but would still like to retain the traditional look and feel, a perfect option is a gas logs. Call it the best of both worlds, combining all of the best qualities of wood burning and gas fireplaces. You have the ease of the reduced cleaning and maintenance of a gas fireplace, as well as the aesthetics of your beloved wood burning hearth. Many size options are available to fit any fireplace, and the experts here at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas will ensure the right fit to maximize comfort and efficiency.

Gas Fireplace Blower Installation Las Vegas

A gas fireplace heats the room, but it heats the room better with a fireplace blower. To put it simply, a fireplace blower is essentially a fan which increases the rooms ambient temperature by circulating the air in the room. The air is pulled in and around the firebox, where it gets heated. The the fan forces the now warmer air back out into the room. Using a blower will noticeably increase the warmth in the room as a whole because the heat from your fireplace will reach the entire room, instead of being concentrated only next to the fireplace itself. Call us today to have one installed on your gas fireplace!

Propane Fireplace Installation Las Vegas

Propane fireplaces are another good option if you do not have gas lines running to your home but want to opt out of the extra cleaning that a wood burning fireplace can create, Or, if the gas used in your home is propane instead of natural gas, a propane fireplace is what you’ll need. There are many options, from a propane fireplace insert to convert your exiting fireplace, to free standing propane fireplaces that can be placed on exterior walls. The benefit here is that they can be vented through the wall, eliminating the need for a chimney, and they can be run off propane bottles, eliminating the need to run gas lines into your home. Call today and let our fireplace installers walk you through the selection process!

Fireplace Mantel Installation Las Vegas

A fireplace mantel is a lovely way to complement your personal style and the decor of your home. It is a simple renovation that makes a big impact. Additionally, if your fireplace was designed without one, adding a mantel can give your room a mini makeover. Perhaps your fireplace was designed with a low profile mantel and just isn’t big enough for that beautiful mantel clock passed down from your grandmother. Or it’s too low and narrow for the stockings to hang from it a safe distance from the fire. In whichever position you may find yourself, we have all the know how to help you achieve that look you’ve been waiting for, and the functionality you need.

Fireplace Damper Installation Las Vegas

A fireplace damper is an essential, yet often forgotten, component of a fireplace system. It is essentially a metal plate that controls the draft, or air flow, through your fireplace and chimney. Without a damper, your chimney flue is wide open all the time. While wide open will help a fire burn, and is important for the release of smoke and carbon monoxide, when you are not using your fireplace, wide open means loss of heat or air conditioning through your chimney. A damper, usually located near the top of your chimney, combats this by allowing you to close off the chimney from the outdoor air. Unsure about the state of your fireplace damper? Call us today and we will come inspect your damper, and install a new one if necessary to keep your fireplace working a smoothly as an autumn breeze.

Vented Gas Fireplace Installation Las Vegas

Any time a fuel source of any kind is used inside a home, a method of venting the combusted air is necessary to keep dangerous gasses from building up and becoming hazardous. But who wants to climb on the roof to install a chimney? We Do! Regardless of the type of venting that may work best for your fireplace and living space, let our experts take care of the installation, and breath easy knowing your vented gas fireplace was installed properly and safely.

Fireplace Screen Installation Las Vegas

Fireplace screens have come a long way since the shower curtain style we all remember from our childhoods. Today, there is a multitude of permanently installed options in a wide variety of styles to match your personal taste and your budget. Perhaps your would like the look of a fireplace door, but don’t want to clean the smudge marks off glass? A French door style fireplace screen is a wonderful alternative. There are accordion style options, single pane designs. Many have beautiful iron work to accent your home’s decor. Call us today to speak with a design professional and schedule and installation.

Fireplace Installation Cost Las Vegas

Like most things, there are many variables that effect the cost of fireplace installation. Most homeowners will end up spending between $2000 and $5000, with the cost of the fireplace itself and necessary building and installation materials accounting for 50% to 75% of total cost. Electric fireplaces cost much less, with many being a low as $100. For obvious reasons, hearth designs incorporating masonry and stonework will be the most expensive. Rest assured, no matter your budget, Fireplace Repair Las Vegas can help you find a fireplace with will fit your needs. Call us today!

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