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No one likes to have to call a repairman (or woman). But we all know that it’s just part of the game for things to break down from time to time, and repairs become necessary. As our name implies, your fiends here at Fireplace Repair Las Vegas are your go-to experts for fireplace repair in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Inside or outside, gas, propane, wood burning, or electric, we do it all!

Fireplace Services Las Vegas

Fireplace Repair Las Vegas offers a full range of fireplace and heating appliance repair services. We also offer preventative maintenance and inspections, along with annual cleaning services, Every aspect of any style fireplace is within the realm of our expertise. Wood burning fireplace? Gotcha covered. Wood Stove? Gotcha covered. Gas logs? Gotcha covered. Even propane and electric fireplaces…yep, we gotcha covered there, too. But don’t wait until what started as a small repair job turns into a big one. Get ahead of the game by setting up a routine maintenance schedule with us, Give us a call today for a free quote!

Gas Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

A gas fireplace is a wonderful alternative to the hassle of a traditional wood burning fireplace, They do, however, have more components that require attention, maintenance, and occasionally, repair. Improperly maintained venting systems can cause premature wear on other components due to unnecessary buildup of waste material. A leaky door gasket can disrupt your air and gas combustion mixture. Additionally, it is always prudent to care for fittings and jets as they can wear or become clogged. Fireplace Repair Las Vegas has you covered, though, give us a call today!

Gas Fireplace Ignition Repair Las Vegas

One of the most enjoyed features of a gas fireplace is the convenience of push button start. No kindling or matches necessary, just the push of a button ignites your fireplace. But when it comes to the ignition system of a gas fireplace, there is much more involved than simple button, the pilot light system involves the pilot light device itself, usually along with a spark igniter, a thermocouple and a thermopile. Sometimes the issue may be remedied with a little cleaning; other times a component may need to be replaced. Occasionally there are even electrical issues involved. In the event that your fireplace fails to light, let us come to the rescue. We can save you countless hours trying to diagnose the issue. Our qualified technicians will be able to quickly identify the problem and get it fixed the right way, the first time, so you can get back to cozying up next to the hearth, quicker than you might think

Gas Fireplace Insert Repair Las Vegas

Gas fireplace inserts require maintenance just like any other appliance, And unfortunately, so, too, do they need the occasional repair. There are many components involved in it’s safe operation, and even the most meticulous home owner will find the need arises for repair eventually. Our knowledgeable technicians can take care of any issue that may arise with your gas fireplace insert, and have it working like new in no time.

Gas Log Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

If you have installed gas logs into your fireplace, you are probably thrilled with the result. Less cleaning and mess, but the look and feel of a real fire in the fireplace remain. Those gas logs do require maintenance that real logs do not, however, and that’s where we come in. Whether your have developed cracks in the logs from years of enjoying them, or the jets just need a little cleaning to produce the flame you’re used to seeing, make us your first call when it comes to all things related to gas log fireplaces.

Propane Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

Whether you have a propane fireplace that is connected to the propane lines in your home, or you have mounted one on an exterior wall and use propane cylinders for your fuel source, we can help you out with any issue that may arise, Our technicians are experienced and knowledgable about propane fireplaces and propane fireplace inserts, and will get the job done right the first time, Whether you have an issue with the gas line or your pilot light, your venting system or a gasket, if your propane fireplace needs servicing, call us first. You’ll be glad you did!

Outdoor Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

You’ve finally built the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of, complete with an outdoor fireplace, You may have chosen wood burning, or, maybe gas. A few years pass, and you realize you’ve overlooked some of the annual maintenance on your outdoor fireplace. If it’s gas, you might be experiencing issues with the pilot light. Or maybe that big storm last spring broke a limb off that giant tree in the backyard, and it landed right on top of the chimney, causing what looks like a few cracks in the mortar. Guess what? The good news is that Fireplace Repair Las Vegas has all the answers. From chimney repair, gas leaks, faulty pilot lights, stubborn ignitions systems, and everything in between, we have the know-how and experience to fix it right, the first time. We will inspect the entire fireplace, top to bottom, offer cleaning, if that’s needed too, and set you up with an annual maintenance schedule so you won’t find yourself in the same predicament again.

Electric Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

Electric fireplaces are perhaps the most convenient of them all. But even electric fireplaces need maintenance and the occasional repair. We service electric fireplaces, too. Maybe you just have a bulb out – but can’t find that specialty bulb anywhere – we can help. Maybe you fear a short in the wiring – we can help with that too. From older models that need some TLC, to installation and service of the top of the line, cutting edge electric fireplaces, we cover all the bases so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the ambiance of a warm glow.

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