BBQ Grill Repair in Las Vegas

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BBQ Grill Repair Service

For many, a backyard BBQ is the highlight of the weekend (or weeknight!), especially during the warmer months. Nothing puts a stop to that faster than a BBQ grill in need of repair. We offer a full range of services from cleaning to repair of all components, including gas lines, smokeboxes, igniters, and everything in between, we are the only company you need for BBQ grill repair in Las Vegas!

Smoker BBQ Repair Las Vegas

For the BBQ enthusiast, a smoker is the way to go. Slicing into a brisket and seeing a beautiful red smoke ring is what amateurs and professionals alike strive for and rejoice over. We can help you maintain your smoker to keep it at its best, and those smoke rings pleasing your guests. Whether you need new grates, handles, or a new thermometer, keep our number on speed dial and we’ll be your right-hand-man when it comes to smoker BBQ grill repair in Las Vegas.

Electrical BBQ Repair Las Vegas

Electrical components are notorious for failing at the most inopportune times. But for electric start BBQ grills, they are the most essential component, and without the electric igniter, your backyard BBQ won’t get started either. But, not to worry, we can fix that electric start for you, and check the rest of your grill over while we’re there. Call for an appointment today to make sure your electrical bbq grill is in perfect working order before you need a repair!

BBQ Igniter Repair Las Vegas

No matter what kind of BBQ grill you have, most likely you have and igniter, and when those fail, your only option is to get creative with a long lighter or a long match stick–neither of which is a very fun option, and both of which create the potential for burns–not fun! Let us take the danger out of lighting your grill. Call us today for BBQ igniter repair anywhere in Las Vegas.

Infrared BBQ Repair Las Vegas

Infrared grills are becoming more common these days, and for good reason. While traditional grill heat the air inside the grill space and the grates the meat rests on, infrared grills heat the meat itself via a radiant heat system instead of a convection cooking system. There are a wide range of price points on this type of BBQ grill, with the more economical options coming with a greater need for maintenance and repair. We have all the expertise needed to keep any kind of infrared grill you may have chosen cooking at it’s tip top level of performance. For infrared BBQ grill repair in Las Vegas, call us first, and you won’t need another repair company again.

Portable Grill Repair Las Vegas

One of the best things about many BBQ grills is their portability. Often times, that moving around causes additional wear and tear on fittings, handles, and casters, along with other components. Knobs may become loose, grates may no longer fit snugly in their places. Fortunately, we can fix any problem you may encounter with a portable BBQ grill, and we proudly service all of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. And what’s even better than that, we can come. to you wherever to decide to get cooking!

Rusted BBQ Grill Repair Las Vegas

We all have that one friend who refuses to replace their old rusty, trusty BBQ grill–despite the aluminum foil covering the holes in the bottom. You often wonder if the grill is older than they are, but they stand by their conviction that “they just don’t make ’em like they used to!”, and you have to admit, they manage to turn out some fine BBQ despite the eye-sore they’re cooking on. What if that rusted out BBQ grill could be repaired and restored to it’s former splendor? Well, we have good news! It can! And we are just the folks to make that happen. Call us today for rusted BBQ grill repair, and you’ll feel like someone turned back the hands of time on your favorite cooking appliance.

BBQ Grill Cleaning Las Vegas

We all know that regular cleaning is the most crucial part of preventative maintenance on any appliance. BBQ grills are no exception. But sometimes, we just want to enjoy the party instead of cleaning the grill, and we get a little behind schedule. That’s where the experts here come in! Schedule an appointment today and we will come out and clean your BBQ grill thoroughly and professionally, leaving your grill looking like new and ready for your next get together.

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