How To Connect Stove Pipe To Wood Stove

Connecting stove pipe to your wood stove is a project that may sound daunting, but it’s actually a relatively simple process. This article will take you through how to connect stove pipe to your wood stove and make sure you have the right tools for the job.

What is a Wood Stove?

A wood stove is a heating appliance that burns wood to produce heat. It consists of a firebox where the wood is burned, and a chimney or flue through which the smoke and hot gases are vented to the outside.

There are two types of wood stoves: free-standing and insert. Free-standing wood stoves are standalone units that can be placed anywhere in a room, while inserts must be installed into an existing fireplace.

Wood stoves are an efficient and economical way to heat your home, and they also add a cozy and inviting ambiance. If you’re thinking about adding a wood stove to your home, read on for some tips on how to connect stove pipe to a wood stove.

How to Connect Stove Pipe to Wood Stove

One of the most important aspects of properly connecting your wood stove is making sure the stove pipe is the correct size. The next thing you need to do is mark the spot on the pipe where it will meet the flue collar on the wood stove. It is important to make sure that the seam between the pipe and the collar is sealed with either high-temperature silicone or metal tape. Once you have the pipe connected to the wood stove, you will need to install a storm collar. This will keep rain and snow from entering the chimney.

Tools you will need 🛠️

Stove pipes are an essential part of any wood stove and are necessary to properly vent the stove. In order to connect the stove pipe to the wood stove, you will need a few tools. A tape measure, marker, scissors or hacksaw, drill with a 3/4′ spade bit, 1/4′ x 3′ lag bolts (2), 5/16′ washers (2), lag bolt driver or ratchet and socket, and pipe wrench will all be needed.

First, you will need to measure the circumference of the pipe where it will attach to the wood stove. Once you have this measurement, mark it on the pipe. Next, using the scissors or hacksaw, cut the pipe at the mark. It is important that this cut is straight in order for the pipe to fit snugly against the wood stove.

Steps to Install

  1. Inspect the wood stove and chimney for any damage. Make sure that the area around the wood stove is clear of any combustible materials.
  2. Place the wood stove on a non-combustible surface, such as a concrete hearth pad.
  3. Connect the stove pipe to the flue collar on the wood stove. Use pipe sealant and screws to secure the connection.
  4. Install a chimney cap on top of the chimney to keep out animals and weather.
  5. Have your wood stove and chimney professionally inspected and cleaned yearly to ensure safe operation


In order to connect stove pipe to wood stove, you will need a few supplies and some patience. But once you have everything ready, the process is actually quite simple. Just follow the steps outlined in this article and you’ll have your stovepipe connected in no time.

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