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Many people dream of adding a fireplace to their home. After all, it is a wonderful addition to any household. It offers both heat and incredible atmosphere. There is nothing better than an evening at home, when you can comfortably lounge in front of your fireplace armed with a good book and a glass of wine. Unfortunately, as everything else, fireplace can ocassionally require some repair work. We offer maintenance, installation, inspection and fireplace repair in Las Vegas and nearby towns. Contact us today!

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Gas Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

A gas fireplace is a wonderful alternative to the hassle of a traditional wood burning fireplace, They do, however, have more components that require attention, maintenance, and occasionally, repair. Improperly maintained venting systems can cause premature wear on other components due to unnecessary buildup of waste material. A leaky door gasket can disrupt your air and gas combustion mixture. Additionally, it is always prudent to care for fittings and jets as they can wear or become clogged. If you need gas fireplace repair in Las Vegas give us a call today!

Fireplace Installation Las Vegas

Imagine a peaceful winter morning with snow gently blanketing the world around you. It’s a little chilly inside, but nothing a cup of hot cocoa and a warm seat by the fireplace can’t remedy. Except, your cozy home is missing that fireplace of your dreams. The time has come to finally install one, and we are here to make the process as painless as possible. Just need to point out the fireplace you pictured, because the team is ready to get started. Call now, and we’ll help bring that dream to life for you.

Fireplace Cleaning Las Vegas

If there is one thing we don’t always think about, it’s how often to clean the fireplace, and whether the fireplace is really clean. According to the National Fire Protection Association, it’s recommended to have an inspection of your chimney, fireplace, and vents at least once a year, preferably before the colder seasons. Depending on how often you use the fireplace, you may want to consider a more regular cleaning schedule, especially if you still smell wood burning when it’s not in use, or when the damper is obviously blackened by the smoke and soot.

Fireplace Inspection Las Vegas

Having your fireplace inspected is an important process to owning one at all. In accordance to the National Fire Protection Association, you should have your fireplace inspected at least once a year, regardless of how often you use it. This shouldn’t be done by just anyone who claims to be a fireplace guy, however. Make sure to find professional chimney sweeps, such as one of our experts, to get the job done. It is their job to clean, inspect, and service your chimney and fireplace anyway, so you know their word is reliable.

Fireplace Maintenance Las Vegas

The level of maintenance required for each type of fireplace is different. Electric fireplaces require no maintenance. They don’t need the ventilation system that other fireplaces do, so they don’t produce ash, soot, or creosote. Gas appliances are low maintenance, so you can get away with having it inspected at the once-a-year recommendation. Trained professionals will ensure your appliance is at peak performance by completely disassembling it to thoroughly clean it. Pellet hearths are high maintenance, and should be swept every 2-4 tons of burned pellets. Let factory trained professionals perform the maintenance for you.

Fireplace Inserts Las Vegas

Fireplace inserts are fireboxes surrounded by steel shells designed to convert regular fireplaces into more efficient heating systems. It’s proven that the inserts improve the heating system of traditional fireplaces by at least 60%, whereas appliances without inserts are known to convert an average of 20% at their best. If that’s not enticing enough, then consider the latest studies from The National Center for Real Estate Research, which shows an average boost of 12% to home values after having a fireplace installed. With such positive feedback, it’s no wonder inserts are popular and well received!

Fireplace Repair in Las Vegas

There are times when complications pop up from nowhere and for no reason, and it feels like the world is trying its hardest to test you. At times like these, you count on our trained professionals to provide affordable, quality fireplace repair in Las Vegas that will show the world you’re not deterred. Getting your fireplace repaired in Las Vegas is as easy as making a phone call. You can count on these experts to provide tune-ups, analysis on your ventilation system, perform safety checks that look for gas leaks, and thoroughly clean your appliance to make it good as new.

Propane Fireplace Repair Las Vegas

Having a propane fireplace is the peak of convenience for any chilly day. The luxury of flipping a switch and the fireplace coming to life “on demand” is irresistible, and for good reason. Problem is, even these fireplaces can be damaged. It’s a well-known challenge to decide where the issue lay with fireplaces like this. It’s also not recommended to fix when you’re not trained to work with gas appliances. That’s why our professionals are always on standby, ready to spring into action the moment you need them. Don’t delay, call for expert repairs today.

Bbq Grill Repair Las Vegas

With warmer weather in Las Vegas comes the much anticipated tradition of heading outdoors and eating all the grilled food you can get. Whether it’s birthday parties, gradation celebrations, or just because you feel like it, your grill is fired up and ready to bring on the delicious burgers, BBQ, and more. But the more you use it, the more wear and tear it gets until one day, it’s just not burning like it used to. Don’t give up on it yet! It should last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Repair it today and grill tomorrow!

Gas Grill Repair Las Vegas

With how often we like to hit up the old gas grill, it’s no surprise the thing’s not at its best these days. Wear and tear get to everything, and the sizzler is no exception. That doesn’t mean you need to scrap it, though. It can be repaired to be as good as new like any other appliance can, so don’t delay. Call for gas grill repair in Las Vegas today! Whether it’s to replace the burner covers or tubes, cooking grates, or the igniter, you can count on this company to fix it up to grill another day.

Wood Stove Repair Las Vegas

Having a wood stove, you know that you’re getting the most for your money. It’s cost-effective because wood is a renewable energy, and can be freely found just about anywhere. But like any other appliance, the stove requires maintenance and occasionally, may need repairs. Despite what sales associates will claim, it’s worth sticking to your familiar wood stove and just repairing it. Make sure to call on trusted professionals. Our technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the necessary means to make your stove good as new, and are happy to ensure it lasts.

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What Our Clients Say

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we like to check in with our customers to know how we’re doing. Your feedback lets us know what we’re doing right, which team members are setting the best examples, and motivates us to continue delivering to everyone’s satisfaction. More than that is learning where we could improve, based on your experience! We want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly so we can improve customer experience. It’s our goal to always be better than yesterday, and your feedback will help us make it happen.

After a job well done, we generally ask customers who opted in to complete a satisfaction survey. The following are results we’ve received so far:

“Sam and Steve were amazing! Absolutely professional and pleasant to deal with. They showed up on time and were very thorough while inspecting the chimney and fireplace. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a team that will explain all the options and costs without upselling! Trust we’ll be counting on this team for next year’s inspections too!”

Karen Pratt

“Gas fireplace wasn’t lighting, so called looking for help. I was blown away by how thorough and happy Ray was to walk us through the process! No wonder there are so many outstanding reviews. These guys are no joke!”


“When we moved into our first home last year, it was absolutely because there were two fireplaces coming with it. We were told that both didn’t work because they were just for decoration. Disappointing, but we lived with it. Winter came and went, and we were feeling bummed about the fireplaces being decoration. So we decided to call for another inspection by someone new to get a second opinion, you know? Imagine our surprise to find out the fireplaces weren’t decoration at all, but could be fully functional the whole time! Needless to say, the guy they sent over to inspect everything knew just what to do, and in no time at all, had everything in working order.”

Amy And John

“We’re trying to sell the house and it has the one fireplace we never used. Never needed it but like the aesthetics of having it. Learned we needed some kind of chimney inspection so we called and got an inspector on the way within days. Kid pulled out a fancy camera and looked round for a bit before confirming that we never use it. Guess it’s good we didn’t because there were some problems in the chimney that a regular look never showed. Was kind of irritated to know the chimney was in bad shape because it was going to cost us something but at least the kid came back to take care of the whole situation for a fair price.”


“Punctual and thorough. Did a good job getting it done, and cleaning after themselves. Even asked if we minded them coming back a week later to make sure everything was still satisfactory. They really stopped by.”

Ida M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions about fireplace repair. And understandably so. The term “fireplace repair” encompasses a great deal of variables–all of which are within the realm of our expertise. Read on for the answers to our most frequently asked questions. And, of course, if your question isn’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Why My Fireplace Is Not Working?

If your fireplace isn’t working, as in, not lighting, the most common cause is an issue with the ignition system. This may be due to the pilot light having somehow been extinguished, or there could be an issue with the spark igniter. In some cases, the gas flow may be restricted or impeded. If your fireplace is electric, you may have a blown fuse or a short.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Fireplace?

The price for fireplace repair will usually average somewhere in the neighborhood of $450. However, factors like the type of fireplace and the expense of the needed repairs will heavily influence the price. A simple repair on a gas fireplace may be much less than that average, while masonry work on a large wood burning fireplace will cost much more.

Do Plumbers Repair Gas Fireplaces?

The short answer is yes, a plumber can repair gas and propane lines. However, they may not be well versed in the specific repairs and parts needed for your fireplace repair. So, while a plumber may be able to handle the job, it is always best to call in someone who specializes in fireplaces when a fireplace is in need of repair. A fireplace technician will also be able to inspect your entire fireplace and chimney system, and will provide you with a more thorough assessment and inspection of what issues you may have.

How Do I Fix My Fireplace?

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on what type of fireplace you have and what kind of issues you are experiencing. While some repairs are well within the realm of DIY for the typical homeowner, others require a professional. When in doubt, call us out. We can diagnose your issue, and help you determine if it is something to handle on your own, or whether you’d rather have us take care of it.

Why Am I Not Getting Gas To My Fireplace?

If you seem to not be getting any gas to your fireplace at all, the first thing to check is for damage to the gas lines or fittings. There may be an obstruction in the line from insects taking up residence in unused connections over the warmer months. There may be a collapsed line or worn out o-ring somewhere along the way. Did you forget to pay the gas bill last month? (Just kidding! We know you did.) Due to the nature of problem, for your own safety we highly recommend calling a professional to inspect your fireplace and perform any necessary repairs.

Do Gas Fireplaces Need To Be Serviced?

Yes, they do. Annual cleaning, and inspection, and service is absolutely necessary to keep your gas fireplace working properly. Though they may require much less cleaning than a wood burning fireplace, the vents, jets, chimney, and door gaskets, for example, all need to be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup that could harm the proper function of your fireplace if left to build up over time.

How Do You Fix A Gas Fireplace That Won't Stay Lit?

Most likely, the cause for a fireplace that just won’t stay lit will lie in the venting system or the fuel supply. It could be the fireplace getting enough air for combustion, it could be clogged jets, it could be a clogged chimney preventing exhaust to be released, In this situation, it is always best to have a professional check out your fireplace, so a correct diagnosis and repair can be made.

How Do I Make My Gas Fireplace Flame Better?

A fireplace technician can make sure your gas jets are clean and free of debris or obstruction, as well as adjust your fuel/air ratio inside the fireplace to ensure the gas is burning properly and efficiently, and that your fireplace is performing optimally.

Why Is My Fireplace Flame Blue?

The flame is blue because there the flame is burning between 2300 and 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, causing a complete combustion of carbon. Further, the blue flame is a visual signal that your fireplace is working correctly and the gas is combusting properly.

What Color Should The Flame Be On Gas Fireplace?

All types of gas fireplaces should produce a blue flame, and this indicates that your fireplace is functioning properly, combusting the fuel properly, and producing the proper amount of heat.

Can You Adjust Flame On Gas Fireplace?

Some models have controls allowing the user to choose how large they want the flame based on how much gas is allowed into the fireplace. Others may not. If your feel like your fireplace is not producing as much flame as it should, call a technician to test your gas pressure and adjust if necessary.

How To Repair Fireplace Mortar?

Cracked or broken mortar is repaired by removing the broken pieces and replacing with a suitable, high temperature replacement mortar. This can be a time consuming and messy job–maybe a little more than what you’d want for a DIY project. Call the pro’s for this one, and you can just enjoy the finished product instead of worrying about cleanup.

How To Repair Fireplace Flue?

It is usually upon inspection from a qualified chimney sweep that the need for repair of your fireplace flue is discovered. If a flue is in need of repair, it is due to either cracks in a terra cotta lining, or gaps in seams of a stainless steel lining. Replacing the entire liner is the most cost and time efficient way to address this problem.

How To Repair Fireplace Insert?

A qualified professional will disconnect any gas or electrical connections, remove any mounting hardware, and remove the existing insert, replacing it with the one of your choice.

How To Repair Fireplace Refractory Panels?

Fireplace refractory panels should always be replaced instead of repaired. They have the important function of refracting the heat, but also serve as a safety barrier, to direct that heat away from the nearby combustible materials surrounding your fireplace.

How To Repair Fireplace Cracks?

Cracks in fireplaces are repaired by removing the cracked material, whether mortar or brick, and replacing them with new material.

How To Repair Fireplace Brick?

Cracked or damaged firebricks should be removed and replaced with new firebrick and re-mortared with a high-temp fireplace mortar.

Can You Repair Fireplace Tile?

Broken fireplace tiles should be replaced with new tiles. A fireplace repair technician can assist you in choosing replacement tiles that match the existing ones, as it is not necessary to replace tiles that are still intact.

P.S. Thank you for taking the time to read our full page. We hope you choose us as your local fireplace repair company and look forward to working with you and your family for many years to come.

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