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A fireplace brings warmth into a space, and not just physical warmth, but also a cozy sense of home. More and more homeowners are choosing gas fireplaces over traditional fireplaces, and many more are converting their existing fireplaces into gas log fireplaces. And for very good reason. No more chopping firewood, no more buying firewood, no more soot and ash being tracked across the carpet or worrying about an ember falling onto the floor. Even with regular chimney sweeping, the creosote buildup of traditional wood burning fireplaces still poses the risk of fire catching on the inside of the chimney. A gas log fireplace eliminates all of those burdens and hazards, without eliminating the comfort of the hearth. 

Gas Fireplace Maintenance Service Las Vegas

Gas fireplaces do still require regular cleaning and maintenance, and Fireplace Repair Las Vegas can take care of all of it for you. Homeowners who only use their fireplaces occasionally may only need to have it cleaned and serviced every other year or so, but those that use their fireplace often need to ensure they schedule yearly maintenance in order to make sure everything is running safely and to extend the life of their fireplace. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Electric Fireplace Maintenance Las Vegas

Electric fireplaces by far require the least maintenance, but they is till some involved–and we’re here to take care of it for you! Give us a call today for electric fireplace maintenance in Las Vegas and will will check your circuitry and wiring, replace any burnt out bulbs (don’t worry, we have the right kind on hand!), and make sure the fan is free of buildup or debris. We will even make sure the exterior is dust free and the glass is crystal clear to allow you the enjoy the full ambiance of fire!

Propane Fireplace Maintenance Las Vegas

Aside from general maintenance, propane fireplaces come with a few other things to keep in mind, If you ever notice a “rotten egg smell”, turn off the fireplace immediately and give us a call–you may have a leak in the gas line, Having trouble with your pilot light? We can light it for you!

We can also check your thermopile and wiring if you’re having trouble keeping it lit. Noticing soot buildup? We can clean your chimney and also your air intake to get that soot under control. For all of your propane fireplace needs in Las Vegas we are your one stop shop.

Gas Fireplace Insert Maintenance Las Vegas

If you have retrofitted your existing fireplace with a gas insert, you’re probably glad to have less of a mess on your hands. But now you have gas lines and fittings and all kinds of other things to take care of. And that’s where we come in! Schedule an appointment today and we will come check your gas pilot and burners, your gas pilot safety system, and make sure the ignition and combustion systems are working as they should. We will check the gaskets on the the doors (if you have them), and clean it inside and out. For gas fireplace maintenance in Las Vegas, make us your first phone call.

Gas Log Fireplace Maintenance Las Vegas

Gas logs themselves require very little maintenance, aside from the occasional cleaning to keep them looking aesthetically pleasing. Every now and then you may run into issues like a broken valve or leaky gas line, or a burner that is producing soot or carbon monoxide. When those things happen, don’t hesitate to call us! We will take care of all of your gas log fireplace maintenance needs in Las Vegas and make sure everything is working safely and efficiently so all you need to worry about is enjoying the fire.

Vented Gas Fireplace Maintenance Las Vegas

If you have a chimney, that means your fireplace is vented. It may be direct-vent, where the front of your gas fireplace is a sealed glass pane (this option is the most efficient, by the way), or it may be natural-vent, which pulls the combustion air from inside the home. Regardless of the style you have, our technicians will take care of any need you have, from checking seals, vents and jets, to your ignition system and pilot light and chimneys, Make sure to call us for all of your vented gas fireplace maintenance needs!

Ventless Gas Fireplace Maintenance Las Vegas

With ever improving technology to increase the efficiency and safety of this type of fireplace, ventless gas fireplaces are being seen more and more. This style of gas fireplace, be it propane or natural gas, takes the combustion air from the room and then expels the combustion fumes and air back into the room, While convenient, it is imperative to make sure that the room oxygen level monitor as well as the carbon monoxide detector in these units stays functioning at peak performance. Our technicians are expertly trained and will check your unit to ensure you can safely use your fireplace anytime you wish. We will even inspect the air flow of the room in which your fireplace is installed to make sure room ventilation is adequate for safe operation. Schedule an appointment today for your ventless gas fireplace maintenance in Las Vegas, and breath easy!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Las Vegas

Anytime there is an appliance that utilizes combustion in order to operate inside your home, a carbon monoxide detector is not only needed, but an absolute must have for the safety of you and your family. We can inspect your current carbon monoxide detector or install a new one!

Fireplace Maintenance Cost Las Vegas

As most people know, regular preventative maintenance of anything will reduce your cost of the occasional repair by catching problems early before they get out of hand and become too costly. And, of course, the cost of cleaning and maintenance is going to be less than actual repairs. The average calls of most service calls is between $100 and $200, and depends largely on the size and type of your fireplace. We encourage you to call and set up a maintenance schedule with us to help keep the costs of operating your fireplace to a minimum. From propane to natural gas, vented or ventless, you can trust us for all of your fireplace maintenance needs in Las Vegas. Let us help you keep your fireplace operating beautifully!

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